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Why choose Everaus mini-warehouses?

Renting a mini-warehouse in the largest contactless mini-warehouse complex is quick and easy – you can rent a mini-warehouse online in minutes from the comfort of your home or office, or with a smart device on site. A meeting is not required even for the receipt of keys, smart cards or other such items, as the front door of the warehouse opens by calling the phone number on the front door of the building using the phone number(s) specified in the order. The door of the mini-warehouse can be locked with a padlock, which you can buy from us when placing an order. You can pick up the lock you bought from us at the parcel machine in the warehouse. However, you can get a padlock elsewhere as well.



    335 mini-warehouses in sizes 2–7.5 m2. You can find illustrative photos and more information about capacities below.


    You can rent a mini-warehouse (including the conclusion of the contract and paying for the first monthly payment) online in just a few minutes.


    You can conclude a contract both for an indefinite period and for a fixed period (1–12 months) with the right to terminate and extend the contract.


    The warehouse is located in a densely populated, safe area. Only users with a validated phone number have access rights. There is video surveillance in the building and its territory.


    The warehouse is open 24/7. Access by mobile phone and a personal padlock ensure the use of the mini warehouse at a time that suits you.


    In the warehouse, the temperature is kept above 14 degrees all year round, and the general surfaces are cleaned once a week. The building has heat recovery ventilation.


    You can use the elevator and transport carts for convenient moving and storage.


    Our warehouse is located in a well-connected residential and business area which can be easily accessed by car or on foot.  


    The warehouse has a large car park and loading bays with a ramp at the entrance. 

What can fit in a mini warehouse?

The Everaus mini-warehouses range from 2 to 7.5 m2. Items that can be stored in the mini-warehouse include seasonal hobby equipment (kick scooters, bicycles and motorcycles as well as skiing, surfing, golfing and other such equipment), tyres, summer and garden furniture as well as other smaller furniture items, house and garden tools, stuff in storage boxes that you may need in the future, (holiday) decorations, smaller quantities of goods, business equipment (trade show and presentation equipment, office furniture, etc.) and other such things that you would otherwise store in a storeroom, garage or shed.    

Our mini-warehouses can store a surprising amount of items. A mini-warehouse of 2 to 2.5 m2 is a perfect solution for you if you wish to store, for example, up to two bicycles, eight storage boxes, house and garden tools (including a lawnmower) and other smaller items. A mini-warehouse of 3 m2 can store, for example, 2+ bicycles and 12+ storage boxes. Mini-warehouses starting from 4 m2 are especially suited for small businesses for storing goods and equipment, however, warehouses of this size can also be used by private persons who require more storage space. The largest mini-warehouse is 7.5 m2.